Aspire Unit is an established Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Content-Based Esports Organization. Known for our incredibly fast growth, we strive to bring originality beyond one's comprehension and capability. Since our initial launch, we have focused on setting our creators to high standards and creating one of the more successful brands in the competitive Esports scene.

Our goal is to ensure our players and creators are growing within the brand and are headed in the right direction throughout their own journey. We always make sure to create an enjoyable and supportive environment for our audience. We represent the willingness to Aspire Greatness.


Esports has been around since 1972, but it started to get substantial in early 2020. Esports has changed many lives for the best and one importantly, Ameer, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, who has made a large impact in the esports scene. Ameer is the CEO of AspireUnit LLC, From struggles of funding the company to nearly going bankrupt in early 2020, he has overcome all the struggles and is making Aspire thrive to the best.

Aspire started as a normal Fortnite esports team, soonly after the Aspire launched, Ameer found out that this strategy of being simplistic is not working. Ameer hired Thomas Newton COO of Aspire Unit & a staff team that consists of Jason (General Manager), Junayed (Human resource), & Jaydon (Operations Manager). These hard-working individuals have helped Ameer turn Aspire into an expectational organization. The first objective of the Aspire staff team was to get a clothing line up & running. The clothing line was established on the first of October and in only 1 month, the clothing line has brought an extreme amount of profit that Aspire will use within the organization. Aspire has expanded to Fortnite competitive, Valorant, and soonly other games. The main goal of Aspire has always been to provide great content for its audiences. They provide such great content that they gained over 3+ million impressions in the month of September, growing faster than they ever have.

Aspire has always been there to support fellow companies, one, in particular, is Glytch Energy, Aspire signed with Glytch in early June of 2021. This partnership would help Aspire gain great income that would help Aspire obtain the funding to start the clothing line. Aspire sadly ended the partnership with Glytch energy and moved on to bigger companies. One, in particular, is , this partnership is very beneficial to both parties as it is bringing in mass income to & Aspire. Aspire plans to look for future sponsors because as the CEO of Aspireunit has quoted,

“This is only the start of a great future, there are plenty of more announcements soon, We are working day and night to satisfy our audience coming up with great ideas that everyone will love.” — Ameer